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Company History

Birth of the Law chambers

Mr. Badar-uz-Zaman, our Group founder and CEO launched his law chamber in Karachi.

Islamabad Office Launched

Islamabad office officially open for business!

New Zealand Office Incorporated

One world have expanded its services to New Zealand and incorporated as a Company at New Zealand Companies Office.

England and Wales Office Launched

One world have its international office in England and Wales as a Private Limited Company in 2012.

USA office registered

One World has its registered office in Washington- USA, Company registered in 2016 under the Act United States Securities Exchange Commission Washington DC Form D

Australia office registered

One World's registered Australian office located in Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia, and operating as an Australian Proprietary Company, Limited by Shares.

Rawalpindi Office Launched

3rd branch in Pakistan officially launched in 2022.

Lahore Office Launched

4th branch in Pakistan officially launched in 2024.

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